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Dylan Miller

Dylan works as the full time Editor in Chief of 068 Magazine in western Connecticut and also serves the area with his professional photography services, including product, event, and portrait photography. He and his family live happily in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

As an Artist...

"I always loved nature and landscape photography, but found it difficult to travel when the pandemic hit in 2020. Since then, I've been exploring the landscape further and found entire worlds within the scene, places nobody has ever been. I found something timeless and spacious in these tiny worlds, and wondered what else I would find if I were able to explore them; what creatures dwell in these places, what stories would unfold? For these landscapes, it’s not the memory or associations of the viewer that completes them. They are just too small, and you are more likely to step on them than you are to contemplate them in your normal scale. These special landscapes are instead completed only by your imagination. I’ve made sure there is a path to lead you into the scene, space for you to begin, but it’s your job to explore and give these worlds the life that will expand them beyond the frame."

Join the Journey!

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