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             What's in a landscape? It depends on whom you ask. A street survey would yield answers like “waterfalls, mountains, sunsets, and oceans.” An artist might talk about composition rules and color relationships, while scientists might talk about the flora, fauna, or geology of the scene. A nature philosopher such as Emerson or Thoreau would talk about how symbols and themes found within the landscape can give insight into the transcendent divine qualities of nature, of which we are a part. What I love about landscapes, is that it is none of these things, yet all of them at the same time. What’s in a landscape? You are.

             As soon as you stop and look at the landscape, a part of you has already moved in and put up its feet within the scene. You might not know exactly which waterfall you’re looking at, but you remember the last waterfall you’ve been to; the sound of the water, the cool feeling of the mist, and what you felt while there. No landscape is complete without you.

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